Rugged Soul Records ensures a bright future for hip-hop music. As our name implies, we aim to breathe soul back into music that is being suffocated by stagnation. We also aim to maintain the rugged street sound that embodiesthe very heart of hip-hop music and of course, one of hip hop music's mostdesirable traits.

Rugged Soul Records is a new label, yet our foundation is deeply rooted in hip-hop history. Each founding member has been a hip-hop historian in their own right. More than just consumers, each member has taken great personal interest in the music. From sorting through crates & crates of dusty vinyl to seeking out information pertaining to the music in every way, shape &form, the knowledge gained and the passion we do it with is something that separates us from the vast majority already.

Rugged Soul projects will always endeavor to better hip-hop through several unique scales.We are about Pure, Innovative, Melodic and Meaningful music. While RuggedSoul is primarily hip-hop in its youth, as we grow, we may choose to branch into other genres of music that follow the same formula of P.I.M.M music. We will strive to release music of superior quality and never employ methodsthat are detrimental to ourselves and/or the art form.Our artists will be provided with superior support from our developinginfrastructure of contacts and knowledge. Artists should want to work with a label that offers creative control, good distribution, talented and devotedstaff, and a network of outside support such as management, radio/video,publicists, casting agent's etc.

If you are an aspiring talent yourself, please take the time to stop by ourcontact link and read the details on how to submit your music to us. Also we would love to hear your feedback on how you think we are doing in achieving our goals. Thanks for stopping by. Please bookmark us now and check backoften.

Rugged Soul Records was founded by DJ Rob A, DJ Deeper, and CWM (Chris W. Morris).


© 2001-2010 Rugged Soul Records, L.L.C.


© 2001-2010 Rugged Soul Records, L.L.C.